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Connectivity is a business critical service with a wide variety of options available. Blue Chimp IT is not only able to provide a wide range of solutions but also advise on the best solution for your business requirements. Solutions range from a more simple ADSL connection through to a multi sites private MPLS.

ADSL – provide a simple and affordable solution to a businesses connectivity requirements, offering speeds of up to 20MB. This may provide the smaller business with its entire connectivity solution, however, it has its place in larger companies for home users or dedicated VoIP traffic.

FTTC – With download speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps, this type of connectivity helps businesses meet the ever growing requirements of high bandwidth applications.

SDSL – A typical ADSL connection which transfers data over traditional copper lines but offers the client the same maximum upload and download speeds. EFM – Ethernet First Mile technology is one of the latest solutions that enables clients to have a high upload and download capacity in a cost effective manner.

LEASED LINE – Ideal for businesses who are looking to move services to the cloud or have requirement to transfer large files. Ask us at Blue Chimp IT for the best connectivity solution for your business!